"The Time Flies By..."

We're fortunate to have thousands of happy customers who use our Treadmill Scenery DVDs regularly. They tell us again and again, that our Treadmill Scenery Virtual Walks, Jogs, and Bike Ride DVDs help make the time spent exercising fly by, often permitting them to exercise longer than they've ever done before!

"I love all your videos

and today I purchased 2 more orders. I tell everyone I know about your site and how wonderful they are. I am already making my Christmas list out and planning to give your videos out to friends and family. Thanks for making my exercise and leisure time so enjoyable. I walk on my mini trampoline during these dvd's. It is easy on my joints and I have so much fun just looking forward to what's around each corner. Sylvia"

30 Pound Weight Loss:

"I have purchased 9 of your DVD's. I am very satisfied with these, as they have attributed to about a 30 lb. weight loss since January. I want to order 3 more. Chris"

"We LOVE the 3 Italian

DVDs. They are magnificent! We have played them several times already and we are seeing new things each time. You stop and pause exactly where we want you to pause. We truly look forward to the new Italian releases. Thanks for adding a bit of happiness to many lives, we greatly appreciate your work. Norma"

Birthday Gift:

"Just wanted to let you know I just gave my mom the DVDs for her birthday on Friday. They are a HUGE hit!! Not just with her but with everyone we tell!! I put one onto our 52" LCD and chuckled at all the guests standing there with their jaws dropped!!! It is such an amazing concept that everyone wants them!! Lucille"

You Can Exercise Tomorrow
While Walking in Rome!

Or in Cairo, or in Venice, or on the Amalfi Coast, or in London, or in 9 of England's quaint Cotswolds Villages!

The hard part is choosing where you want to walk because we have Treadmill Scenery DVDs filmed in many beautiful locations in Italy, the United Kingdom, Egypt, and the USA including Hawaii, California, and Maine. To see the complete list of DVDs available, please click here or to watch video samples of our walks, click here.

Our DVDs Make Exercising and Losing Weight Fun!

Place one of our treadmill scenery walks into your DVD player and step on to your treadmill, Nordic Track, exercise bike, elliptical, or stair stepper.

To your left is a canal in Venice, to your right is St. Mark's Square, and straight ahead is a thousand years of history and art! Our Treadmill Scenery DVDs are the perfect way to experience some of the most beautiful cities in Europe while exercising, losing weight, and getting fit on your treadmill, airdyne, elliptical, or stair stepper.

Our Treadmill Scenery DVDs will instantly transport you to the ancient and historic Appian Way, or across a bridge in Rome, or to the Pyramids in Egypt, or beside a quiet waterway in London, or through nine Cotswold Villages. To see the complete list of the Scenery DVDs available, please click here.

And we are traveling the world filming more Treadmill Scenery DVDs on a regular basis. We've already filmed more walks in Egypt, on the isle of Capri, in Pompeii, Viterbo, Murano, London, Canterbury, Maine, Florida, and Hollywood. Those DVDs are being edited now and will be available in the coming months. Our next trip is to Ireland and Scotland to film more Treadmill Scenery walks there.

We also have Scenery Jogs and Bike Rides!

So if you want a faster paced Scenery DVD to use with your Upright Exercise or Recumbant Bike, or to use while jogging on your treadmill, we have those too! Check out our DVD Catalog.

Exercising has never been more enjoyable.

You can exercise while walking along the famous Via Veneto in Rome, explore the lush green English Countryside in Kent, or experience the ancient Khan el Khalili Bazaar in Cairo. These Treadmill Scenery DVDs are the perfect way to get your fitness workout while having fun!

Customers tell us that our Treadmill Scenery DVDs help motivate them to use their exercise equipment more frequently and get their daily exercise, burn calories, lose weight, and stay physically fit! And our DVDs will work with almost any exercise or fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, Nordic Tracks, and exercise bikes - both upright and recumbent.

Our Treadmill Scenery DVDs truly make exercising fun and make the perfect gift for family and friends.

To see the complete list of Treadmill Scenery DVDs available, please click here

Customers Love Our DVDs!

"Your product has made it much easier for me to get on the treadmill, as my Cardiologist has suggested to increase my workouts from 3 times per week to 6 or 7 times. Before finding your product, I had used regular travel DVDs during my workouts, but frankly, they did not inspire motion or a walking cadence as your virtual walk DVD does. I now enjoy the workout, rather than merely endure it. I'll undoubtedly add more in the near future, including the virtual bike rides for both my treadmill and my stationary recumbant. Great product! Allen (age 63)"

"I have purchased three of your DVDs and loved them. They have literally changed my treadmill workouts from a chore to a delight! I am in the process of buying three more, and will most likely be back for even more before long. I am interested in some of the new titles that I see you have in the works. Please put me in your "Wants new titles" folder. Thanks for such an innovative product. (and I bet you have fun making them, too!) Kate"

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed the hike on the North Shore! I actually walked most of it this afternoon, it was great! I really enjoyed hearing all the birds. You know, of all the times we have been over there, we have not done that particular hike. I thought it was very well done. And the seascapes were fantastic! You really captured the Hawaii I have come to love so very much. Mahalo for such a wonderful DVD! Susan"

But You Don't Have to Have a Treadmill or Exercise Equipment to Enjoy Our DVDs!

"I want to let you know how much my mom absolutely loves the Cotswolds DVDs I purchased from you for her Christmas gift. She said watching the DVDs is like a delicious treat to savour. I am so pleased this unusual present was so well received. Thank you for your helpful and personal service. Dianne"

To watch video samples from each of our Treadmill Scenery DVDs, just click here.